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This weekly video training course uses techniques developed and proven by a foremost expert in the field of helping people speak clear English, Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson. We will teach you how to learn as well as how to speak clear American English.

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For years, the ClearTalk method has used person-to-person training at a cost of hundreds of dollars. This video course allows you to achieve incredible results at a special introductory price of $19.95 per month. This works out to less than $5 per week!

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You can use the materials whenever it is convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to our video lessons, we include downloadable audio and written materials to help you succeed. You are also able to cancel at anytime.

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We have a special offer available for a very limited time:

We are releasing this subscription product at a special initial price of $19.95 per month. We expect to be raising the price shortly.

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How It Works – All the Details are Here for this Accelerated Video Subscription Program

The ClearTalk Weekly subscription program consists of a series of weekly modules – video, audio and written lessons. As of early 2018, Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson has completed 16 modules or different weeks of lessons of what we call the accelerated program.

FYI, currently a good number of subscription students are needing two weeks to master each accelerated module of the ClearTalk Weekly video subscription program. Some students choose to spend perhaps 3 weeks on each accelerated module. Up to 50% of the students complete and master one module each week.

It is important for you to know is that you as a subscriber can take as long as you wish to do each of the modules … or to review previous modules. As long as you are enrolled, you have access to each of the modules that have been released to you for your subscription membership.

There is no limit to the number of months you can remain a subscriber. In other words, if it takes you 1, 2 or 3 or even 4 weeks to complete a module, that module will be available to you as long as you remain a subscriber.

If you stop being a subscriber and want to re-enroll later, the subscription program for Level One Accelerated Video Subscription Program will begin at Week One subscription module.

The rationale for this protocol for this subscription is that a person might find after the first month that they must stop the subscription and learning because of a family emergency. Thus, when students start up again and re-enroll, they would need to start at the first lesson. They would start at the first lesson so they would learn again exactly how best to do the learning for this subscription video program. Students are started again at Subscription Video Lesson of Week One so they will get the sequence of lessons in the order in which data tell us makes for the fastest and longest lasting learning.

By beginning each subscription enrollment at Lesson One, Week One module, ClearTalk Weekly is using the same protocol or procedure as colleges use for a person who enrolls for a course and then must drop out because of family emergencies or other emergencies. When prospective students are ready to take the course again and to enroll for the second time, the college has them start the course from the first session.

We are proud of the fact that our assessment data show that the order of these released accelerated modules has been proven to make your learning both efficient and long lasting.

As a subscription member, you get an email announcing the new modules as they are available for you for that week, and they will be available to you on the website.

Meanwhile, you as subscriber can review and re-do as many of the lessons as you wish. Because this subscription program is accelerated, many students report that review of previous lessons is excellent for learning and engraining in their brain and muscles clear, easy to understand American English speech.

Because it is most important for you, we want to repeat this—
For the Video Subscription Program called ClearTalk Weekly, you as learner are in control of your pace of learning. If you want to take extra time on a set of modules, no problem. Your subscription membership allows you access to the modules previously released for your use.

The sounds needed for clear American English are different from many other languages. Having worked with speakers from a large variety of countries, we understand exactly how to teach the way to speak clear American English.

The instruction covers how to:

  • Hear
  • Pronounce
  • Hold your tongue, lips, etc.
  • Breathe
  • Practice

for great success in reducing any accent. This helps other people to understand you easily.

The content includes a set of videos with the instruction for that week. These videos have been specially produced so that you can clearly hear the specifics involved in speaking clear American English. Each video also has an audio only file that you can play, in case that is your preference. You can watch/listen to these resources over and over.

In addition to the videos, we provide an extra practice audio file that you can download to your computer or other device for practice anytime. Also, we provide a written lesson and study guide for you to view or print out. Our desire is to communicate the information you need in multiple ways so that no matter which you prefer, it is available to you.

Our goal is your success!

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Why You Need This Training

Nearly a billion people around the world speak English. That’s a thousand million people. That means that more people speak English as a second language than there are native speakers.

English speech is used for everything. This includes friendly conversation, to education, to business and industry, and even to medicine.

While you may be confident in your vocabulary, communication can be difficult because of your accent. Others can be frustrated and ask over and over, “What did you say?”

We’ve helped over 2000 people overcome their accents that stand in the way of communicating clearly with native English speakers and other speakers of English.

We’ve taught them skills and techniques that gave them more confidence and pride in the way they talk. We helped them conquer the stumbling blocks that occur when conversing with English speakers who may have trouble understanding their English.

Now we have taken all we have learned from teaching over twenty-five years and made a brand new learning program for you, at a cost that everyone can afford.

We based our program on our most current acclaimed and scientifically based Clear Talk method. Because it is a web-based program, it is available twenty four hours a day at your convenience. We use video, audio, and written exercises to guide you every step of the way to speaking clear American English.

For this subscription learning program, you get our modules released to you in a specially designed systematic order, spaced one week apart. The sequence is deliberately arranged to make your learning easy.  You can practice these lessons as many times as you want, whenever you want as part of your subscription membership. In those lessons, we take everything Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson knows from her Ph.D. research and as a speech scientist and her twenty-five years of experience with individuals just like you. We give you tips and advice about how to train yourself so your learning is efficient and long lasting.

So sign up today for ClearTalk Weekly, our new video subscription program where you decide when and how much learning you want. Start mastering clear, intelligible, and easy to understand American English now.

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Why Is This Training Effective?

This weekly video training course uses techniques developed and proven by a foremost expert in the field of helping people speak clear English, Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson.

This training has been scientifically developed, tested, and proven. Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson continually refines and improves her techniques for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Her insistence on a rigorous scientific approach has made the difference between guessing what works and really knowing.

It has been used and improved for

  • over 25 years,
  • over 2000 people,
  • from 64 countries,
  • with 65 different first languages.

Additionally, we will teach you how to learn as well as how to speak clear American English.

Of course the ultimate effectiveness of the training also depends on your practice. People who proceed the fastest are those who do deliberate practice with the modules.

It’s simple. People who practice more, gain more.

The beauty of the subscription is that you are in charge of your practice. You can do more or fewer modules in a practice session. You can practice only your most recent set of modules or you can go back to previous modules from your subscription for your most difficult sounds. You can do several days or all days of a week. You can spend an hour at a time, or less… or more. When your life gets super busy, you can slow down to limited practice. Then when you have more time, you can go full throttle with your practice and learning.

The subscription makes it easy, and mastery is fun.

The journey begins with a single step, and your journey to speaking clear American English starts with your subscription.

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How Affordable Is This Training?

For years, the ClearTalk method has used person-to-person training at a cost of hundreds of dollars. This tutoring has proven to be effective at helping a variety of people learn to speak clear American English. We still offer this tutoring, and recommend it for people who need the fastest possible personalized results. You can get more information about this tutoring at http://cleartalkmastery.com/services.

We have long desired to be able to make this proven training available to a wider group of people. Now we have been able to take all of the expertise we have developed carefully over the years and put it into this series of video, audio, and written weekly lessons.

While our final price is likely to be much higher, we are currently offering this amazing program at a special introductory price of $19.95 per month. This works out to less than $5 per week!

This subscription is an investment in yourself. Improving your ability to speak clear American English will enhance your life in a variety of ways!

How Is This Training Convenient?

Because the program is web-based, you can use the materials whenever it is convenient to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view the videos or listen to the audio content on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

You are not locked into a huge commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

In addition to our video lessons, we include downloadable audio and written materials to help you succeed.

Each lesson is broken up into a series of short segments. That way you can jump to and repeat just the parts that you need to progress as quickly as possible.

It is our strong desire to help you learn and grow in the way that works best for you!

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